Body by Porto

Renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Carlos M. Portocarrero is the developer of Body by Porto®, a unique concept that focuses on personalized plastic surgical design for each individual patient. For more than two decades, Dr. Portocarrero has excelled in the fields of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in Puerto Rico and abroad. Educated and trained in the finest institutions in Puerto Rico and the continental United States, his practice is committed to the highest standards of patient care and safety, and is at the forefront of medical technology. Up to date training in the latest surgical techniques and continuing medical education makes this one of the top practices in the Caribbean.

In addition to his exceptional medical credentials, in 2009 Dr. Portocarrero received a law degree from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, graduating summa cum laude. He is licensed to practice medicine, plastic surgery and law in the jurisdiction of Puerto Rico.

Body by Porto®, which also caters to the medical tourism industry, offers a wide range of cosmetic and plastic surgery services at a state-of-the-art facility, that includes cosmetic breast procedures and reconstructive breast procedures, tummy tucks (Abdominoplasty), liposuction, face lifts, rhinoplasty (nose jobs), eye lid lifts, gluteal augmentation and chin and lip augmentation.

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  • Street: 169 San Jorge Street
  • City: San Juan
  • State: PR
  • Zipcode: 00911
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  • Telephone: (787) 723-1234
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