Dr. Carlos Gonzalez Aquino
Dr. Enrique Gelpi
Dr. José Colon
Dr. Luis Polo
Dr. Marisel Vázquez
Dr. Robert Cacho
Dr. Roberto Hernandez Orsini
Dr. Víctor R. Maldonado
Dr. Zaida M. Cesáreo
Dra. Marisel Vázquez
Dra. Rebeca Sáenz Kuffner

San Jorge Orthopedic Pediatric Institute

San Jorge Orthopedic Pediatric Institute

The Department of Orthopedics specializes in the care of problems of the musculoskeletal system, with a staff of orthopedic surgeons specializing in the special needs of children of all ages, from birth through adolescence. The support staff is comprised of professionals including orthopedic technicians, nurses and other highly trained professionals that meet the needs of your child.

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