Bringing the kids? From enjoying the waves at the beach to riding bikes in the park to its numerous events and eateries, kids are continuously on the go and will not want to leave this child friendly paradise right here in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Exclusive Condado District.

Doctor's Hospital
Dr. Arnardi Agosto
Dr. Carlos Gonzalez Aquino
Dr. Enrique Gelpi
Dr. José Colon
Dr. Julio Bauzá Rossi
Dr. Luis Polo
Dr. Marisel Vázquez
Dr. Robert Cacho
Dr. Roberto Hernandez Orsini
Dr. Víctor R. Maldonado
Dr. Zaida M. Cesáreo
Dra. Desiree Pagán
Dra. Marisel Vázquez
Dra. Rebeca Sáenz Kuffner