San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Exclusive Condado District is known for its array of restaurants meeting the culinary palate of the most fickle foodie. From light flare to fine dining, Condado has it all!

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Primitivo Condado

Puebla - Comida Mexicana y Cantina

Puebla - Comida Mexicana y Cantina
Punk Burger Bistro Bar

Rare 125

Rare 125

RARE 125 Neighborhood Grill is a trendy local eatery that specializes in meats yet offers an array of seafood appertizers and entrees. Among the local favorite dishes are the Lobsters Ceviche, Asian Pork Belly Sliders, Meat Duplings with Tamarind sauce and Fried Calamari.

RAYA by Mario Pagan
Red Mango Café

Ropa Vieja Grill

Ropa Vieja Grill

Our restaurant, now with two locations in uptown and midtown Condado, are the best places on Ashford to sample authentic Cuban & Puerto Rican cuisine. A favorite spot for locals, Ropa Vieja Grill simply knows how to deliver a rich and savory meal.

Sage Italian Steak Loft

Semilla Kitchen and Bar

Semilla Kitchen and Bar
Señor Paleta


Serafina San Juan is Puerto Rico’s newest culinary venture with a familiar twist on your favorite Italian tastes from home. Let our wonderful staff make your brunch, lunch or dinner an enchanting event to remember!

Sereno Bar & Grill


Sobao by Los Cidrines